3 Easy Steps to Get Rave Reviews

by Doren Aldana

How important are online reviews? VERY! 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. (BrightLocal). If you haven’t started gathering reviews, start today! We are going to talk about 3 easy steps you can take.

Here’s 3 easy steps you can take TODAY to start getting reviews:

1. Get reviews from your own website.
External sites are imperative for generating online reviews, but your website should be the first place to find reviews. Do you have a page dedicated to testimonials? A page dedicated to success stories from your customers?

Make it easy for customers to submit reviews. Our Testimonial Engine software will automate this for you and make sure your customer reviews are always up-to-date.

2. Send an email or text campaign dedicated to getting reviews. Use our Testimonial Engine software to automatically send email or text review requests to your customers. After a customer completes a purchase, follow up with an email asking them to review your company, product and/or service. Give them the option to share their experience privately or publicly.

3. Leverage your blog. Use comments and/or photos from your customers and publish them on your blog. You can tag these blog posts ‘Customer Reviews’ or ‘Testimonials.’ This will feed your blog and allow you to get more exposure for your reviews.

Getting customer reviews doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with these 3 easy steps, and let our automated software help you along the way!

Our software will help you manage your reviews, respond to your reviews like a pro, and publish them online for all to see! To learn more, call us today, or click below for a free demo.

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