Customer Reviews on Your Business Facebook Page

by Doren Aldana

More and more businesses are turning to Facebook to set up business pages. Do you have one? Let’s focus on how and why you should get customer reviews from your business Facebook page.

When you use your business page on Facebook, you are constantly in touch with your customers and prospects. The average person either uses Facebook to search for businesses or comes across a business page from other people/friends of theirs who have liked or commented on it. They may even see a contest or post that a friend has re-posted from your business page in their news feed. 

Your customers will be able to like the page, comment and visit your website all from your company business Facebook page. It’s also a way to communicate that doesn’t necessarily involve email.  

Most people today use the Internet to find out more about businesses, services or products and the reviews they see on Facebook will be used to your advantage.  

Here’s how…

A positive review will reinforce your services or products. And if there is a negative review, you have the ability to comment right there below it to apologize and remedy the situation. 

There are many ways to get people to review your business Facebook page. First and foremost, ask them. Make sure that they know you have a page and then ask them to leave a review. And with our automated software, we will actually do that for you!  

If you’re afraid of getting negative reviews, ask a customer who you know had a good experience if they will leave a review for you on your business Facebook page. You will be surprised how many people will gladly do this for you.  

When you increase reviews on your business Facebook page, it is going to make your page more active so more people will find out about your company before actually visiting or engaging directly with you. Another important aspect of Facebook reviews is that they can be directly linked to your Google My Business account. 

Our Testimonial Engine software automates the entire process of getting positive reviews and publishing them on Facebook, Google, Yelp and more.   

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