How to Manage Your Online Reputation

by Doren Aldana

We talk a lot about getting, responding to and managing customer reviews and how they can directly affect your online reputation. But what else does your online reputation consist of? How do you manage it? And are you managing it now? 

Here are 3 steps you should take to manage your online reputation… 

  1. Google Yourself. Do quick a search (using relevant keywords) to see what a potential customer would find if they were searching for your product or service. Are the results what you think they should be? Do they position you as the only logical choice? 

If you see results that are negative toward your brand, check your customer reviews. Are they being linked to a negative review someone left about your product or service?  

Once you figure that out, take proactive action to correct the situation. Whether this requires search engine optimization, getting more positive reviews, or addressing a negative review head on. 

You can set up web and social alerts to let you know when your brand is mentioned online. A common one we recommend is Google Alerts 

2. Monitor your social media accounts and review sites. Make sure you regularly check all social media accounts for comments and reviews from your clients. We also recommend using a software, like the Testimonial Engine, to house all of your reviews in one place, making it easy and quick to access and address all issues from one dashboard. Remember, when responding to negative reviews, use the age-old philosophy: the customer is always right. Don’t argue online but just state the facts – you can take the conversation offline if needed. 

3. Promote positive reviews.  You have full control over your social media channels and all reviews within Testimonial Engine. Publish them or repost them. Use them to your advantage. This will help shape the public opinion of your brand.  

Although you can’t control what people say about your brand, you do have control over what you do about it. To properly manage your online reputation, make sure you regularly review your search results, monitor social media and review sites and collect more positive reviews! 

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