Video Marketing: 5 Ways to Profit From YouTube

By Doren Aldana

Have you considered video marketing as part of your customer acquisition strategy? It shouldn’t surprise you that YouTube is a BIG deal. YouTube is the #2 search engine on the planet, only behind Google. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is the 8000 pound gorilla. All that stuff is fine and dandy but how do we actually attract more local customers using YouTube? This video reveals 5 ways to profit from YouTube…

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4 Responses to “Video Marketing: 5 Ways to Profit From YouTube”

  1. Doren Aldana

    Well, what do you think of this post? Please share your comments here. Thanks!

  2. Kathy Hicks

    How to profit from uTube?

  3. Kathy Hicks

    How I can bring in buyers & sellers from UTube?

    • Doren Aldana

      Hi Kathy. Thanks for your question. Each of those target market’s requires unique bait to attract them as prospects. What’s your lead bait for each respective market?


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