Responding to Customer Reviews Like a Pro

Let’s face it: No matter how hard you try, if you do enough transactions, not every customer is going to have a positive experience at your business. And do you know where their true feelings come out? In their reviews. So let’s talk about responding to customer reviews.

Here are 3 tips for responding to customer reviews like a pro…

1. Respond Now, Not Later
So first thing… respond! And respond quickly! Customers who leave negative comments want to be heard and respected. Quickly acknowledge them and let them know their opinions matter! This may be enough for them to change their review or give you another chance.

2. Positive and Negative Reviews Are Equal
Think of positive responses the same way as negative ones. Respond to positive reviews just as quickly. Thank the reviewer for their time. If you took the time to give a positive review, think of how you would feel if a company gave you equal praise and gratitude for giving your input! Customers that leave positive reviews and are acknowledged are likely to leave you more reviews in the future. These customers are influencers online and in public.

3. Use All Your Reviews to Your Advantage
Learn from your reviews. Make the necessary changes you need to better your products and services. Hopefully most of your reviews are 4 and 5 stars! Use these in your marketing materials, on your website and landing pages. There are never enough places for your prospective customers to your read reviews, so use your positive reviews to your advantage. And, of course, ask your positive reviewers for referrals!

Let our software help you manage your reviews, respond to your reviews like a pro, and publish them online for all to see! To learn more, call us today, or click below for a free demo.

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