Testimonial Engine Review: How an Unusual Business is Getting More 5-Star Rave Reviews…

By Doren Aldana

Are your client reviews helping you get more leads and new clients? Learn how Matt Johnson uses Testimonial Engine in his business to get client reviews, feedback and testimonials to use in his sales videos, on his website and across all of his marketing materials…

How to Use Testimonial Engine

Matt is a co-host for podcast called Real Estate uncensored. He’s been using Testimonial Engine to communicate to his attendees and to get customer reviews quickly and efficiently.  

Here’s how he does it… 

The back end of Matt’s podcasts offers live training for real estate agents. He has the producer keep track of all attendees’ email addresses and contact information and at the end of the course, loads the list into Testimonial Engine. From there Matt is able to quickly and easily edit the email within the email sequence templates and send it out to all of the attendees. 

Within a couple hours students are sending personal feedback to use in sales videos, sales landing pages, website, etc. 

Why Use Testimonial Engine

Matt said, “Testimonial Engine has been amazing for us and has made it super super easy to reach out to a lot of people at once and get real testimonials back.” It is those testimonials that gets “more students into our classes and promotes the show.”  

Testimonial Engine makes it easy for Matt because it has: 

  • Built in email sequences (outlines and templates), so all you have to do is update minor information each time you want to send out a campaign 
  • Templates for reminder emails, negative feedback emails, thank you emails, and more 

Click here for a free demo of the Testimonial Engine software!  



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