The Who, What, When and Why Behind Customer Reviews

by Doren Aldana

Today we want to focus on the who, what, when and why behind customer reviews. Who should monitor your reviews, what action they should take, when they should take action, and why. 

So, WHO should be monitoring your reviews?  

Every customer-facing staff member must know about the ratings and be familiar with the reviews that your company receives. They should have permission to monitor reviews regularly. 

WHAT action should be taken to start getting reviews?  

First of all, ask your customers. Email them, reach out to them on social media, or better yet, ask them in person. Text them.  

If you want a shortcut, our software does this for you on autopilot. For example, we can send an email to your customers asking for their review and then auto-feed their review on your website and social media accounts. 

Make sure you are monitoring online ratings and try to get ratings from different sites. How many reviews should you get? The more, the better!  

We know that 85% of people who read reviews say they read at least 10 reviews. Start with getting around 20 from Google, then emphasize other sites such as: Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo! Local,  Angie’s List, etc.  

WHEN a bad review surfaces, you must address it immediately and reach out to the customer. Our software actually quarantines negative reviews so you can handle them, BEFORE they hit the Internet. Google Alerts is another basic form of online monitoring that is easy to set up for your business. 

WHY get reviews? Getting customer reviews builds your online reputation, helps your SEO and builds trust with customers before they even come into your business or try your product or service.  

For a free demo of our Testimonial Engine software, or to learn more about how to automate the process of getting customer reviews, click here.

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