How to Make the Most of Customer Reviews

By Doren Aldana

Whether you are getting testimonials automatically through our software, or through another outlet, there are several things to keep in mind when you receive customer reviews.

Here are 4 simple things to do to make the most of your customer reviews:

1. Encourage reviews. First of all, you should always encourage reviews. There are countless ways to do this including on your website, through email campaigns, text messaging, social media, mail, or in-person. Make your clients feel comfortable and let them know that a review is fast and easy for them to do!

2. Track and Improve your Score. Be consistent at reviewing your ratings and comments to increase conversation rates. Close communication with customer service helps you understand what customers want from your products and how you can improve them. Listen to your customers and make the changes necessary to your products or services. This will improve your score.

3. Reward reviews. If you are trying to increase customer reviews, consider offering a reward. This can be a surprise gift, gift certificate or coupon code that is emailed to them or sent to them in the mail.

4. Reply to reviews. Reviews are a great way to communicate directly with your customers, so don’t ignore them. Even the worst review needs to be addressed. Apologize for any disappointment and make sure to take note of the incident or issue to prevent it from happening again.

Getting customer reviews should not be something that is stressful or worrisome. That’s what we are here for to help you do!

You will get great reviews, you will get negative reviews and you will get reviews in between. But what is most important is how you handle them. With our software you can actually quarantine the negative reviews before they appear on the web tarnishing your reputation for years to come.

Make sure you always encourage reviews, review and address the good and bad ones, reward your customers that offer feedback and always reply to your customers that leave reviews. If you do this, you will achieve greater success in your company, all the way from your products and services down to your customers.


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