How to Respond to Customer Reviews

By Doren Aldana

Reviews from your customers provide helpful feedback on your business, customer service and products and allow you to build trust with your clients. When you respond to customer reviews, you can engage in open conversation with the people that matter most to you – those that are purchasing your product or services. Responding to customer reviews is important.

Here are 4 tips to consider when you respond to customer reviews:

1. Respond Appropriately. Never argue with your customers. Always respond in a professional manner and if needed, take the conversation offline and contact them over the phone. Remember, replies are public so anyone can see them!

2. Be brief when responding to negative reviews. Express an apology and empathize with the customer. Tell them what you will do to make it right. Consider directing them to a customer service representative via phone or email where they can receive further information or help with their problem.

3. Thank your customers. You will get good reviews, bad reviews and a variety of mixed reviews. Either way, those people took time out of their busy day to send you feedback. Thank them for their time. Offer them a reward if you would like! This is certain to make them feel appreciated and even boost your number of reviews.

4. Share positive reviews. Share positive reviews on your review sites, social media accounts and website. Make them public and visible so prospective clients can easily find them. The more positivity out there about your products or services, the better! Share the good news.

Remember, responding to reviews is just the first step you should take when you receive them. But it’s one of the most important steps. It builds trust and confidence with your customers and allows you to openly communicate with them. There is no better way to ensure long-term success!

And the good news is, is that with our Testimonial Engine software, this is automated for you. When your clients submit a positive review they are automatically directed to a Thank You page AND they receive a thank you email. How easy can you handle it?


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