Local SEO: 6 ways reviews can help your rankings

By Doren Aldana

We know that local searches and customer reviews online influence up to 10% of your ranking and are crucial to helping local SEO. Here are six other ways reviews can help local SEO:

1. They create fresh user-generated content Generating content on your website is not enough. Yes, you might be posting to your social accounts often and keeping your blog relevant, but reviews are especially beneficial because they are user-generated content coming directly from your customers. They are also one of the most influential tools for gaining new customers.

2. They boost long-tail keyword traffic Reviewers are customers who buy and use your products, so the language they use is similar to that of your target audience. So, the consistent flow of reviews will help you identify the right keywords to use to get traffic to your site or to click on your online ads.

3. Boost social conversion A series of good reviews helps your product become popular, increasing the social reach and sales. Incorporate reviews into your social strategy and you’ll see the love for your product only increase online.

4. Google favors highly-rated sites Google takes into consideration the rating of sites and favors those with higher ratings. You not only want to add reviews to your site, but also focus on how to improve them.

5. Receive visible star ratings When star ratings are displayed in Google search results, prospective customers can decide whether they trust your product enough to visit your site. This can increase traffic and possibly sales. Google relies on third-party review sites to determine your star rating. You need at least 30 unique reviews in the past year, with an average of 3.5 or higher.

6. Improve ranking for products The more people search for reviews of your products, the higher ranking you can obtain. This will allow you to reach your audience at just the right time, when they are searching for details about your product. So you can see that customer reviews and SEO go hand in hand. Contact us today to help you get setup to manage your reviews and advance your SEO!

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