Being Proactive with Google Reviews

by Doren Aldana

Today we are going to talk about the importance of being proactive with reviews…

You are feeling confident. You’ve had several positive reviews from consumers on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, or other sites. So everything is fine, right? You might think so, until that one negative review comes in on your Google My Business account and all the sudden that review shows up at the top of the search rankings for your business name and gives you a 1 star out of 5. 

Had you taken steps to encourage positive reviews, this one negative review would not have jeopardized the online reputation of your brand. Don’t wait until the negative review comes in to try to fix your reputation. Be proactive with your reviews!

Be proactive when it comes to your online reputation management. Positive reviews will buffer the negative if you’re prepared for them… meaning that you have plenty of rave reviews! 

Now let’s talk about a review site that every local business needs to build their reputation on: Google My Business. Here you’ll find reviews and photos of businesses that directly impact local search results. Local businesses, particularly brick and mortar ones, should be sure to have a Google My Business listing. And here’s the cool part: Listing your business is free and it can have huge visibility in Google’s search results. 

According to recent research done by Marchex, 80% of business search results point to social media accounts and online reviews, NOT the actual business website. So even though your carefully thought out copy and beautiful photography on your homepage might be what you want them to see first, it probably isn’t. 

With our software, we can help you automate the process of capturing rave reviews on Google, and even quarantine the negative ones before they hit the web. Our software allows you to be proactive in handling ALL your reviews.

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